Vouch turns everyday work into valuable content

Vouch turns your everyday work into valuable content.

Vouch turns everyday work into valuable content, by giving you the easiest, most effective way to collect reviews and display them on your own branded and customised website which we setup and host for you.

It’s simple, when you finish a job, open our app and send a request to your client. They just open the link and answers 5 simple questions. They can also add a comment.

Every vouch a client gives you, adds a new page to your website. The new page is optimised for Google to find and display in search results.

It has never been so easy to get great feedback and use it to build your online presence.

Create Vouch Request

send the vouch request

client receives the vouch
You got vouched!

vouch is added to google search results
When people search in your area, you’ve now got fresh content for Google to display.

The more vouches you get, the more pages you have. If you’re in the service industry and doing one or more jobs a day, then in a short period you’ll have hundreds of pages showing up in Google search results.

By the way you’re not at risk of getting penalised because the content is legitimate. In fact Google love to display reviews. What makes Vouch so powerful is it turns your everyday work into content which Google wants to use therefore making it valuable.

Vouch gives you a website

Vouch has a built-in website editor for building your own business website. Change colours, add cover photos, set contact details, add categories and much more.

Vouch gives you a website

It’s super easy to use and takes about 10 minutes in total to setup a website which looks great and has a steady stream of fresh content.

If you’re a service business and you’re just starting out then this website is going to give you everything you need to get going and look professional.

Already have a website?

Good job. But make sure you add a widget to your website. The widgets can be added to any existing website and it automatically adds new vouches onto your website every time you get a new vouch.

Because Google loves fresh content your existing website will get a lift from having the widget installed. There are a variety of widgets you can choose from.