Adding Categories

Adding Categories

Categories group vouches together on one page which improves your performance in Google Searches.

Choose category names based on what you think potential clients are entering when they search for your services. These are your key search terms. For examples if you’re a gardener then your categories could be “Lawn Mowing”, “Mulching”, “Hedging”, “Clean ups”.

When you categorise your vouches they are grouped together on a single web page. This tells Google that there is a lot of content about this topic on this  particular page and you will rank higher for these terms.

This is very important for getting found on your key search terms.

Each category that you create is added onto the menu bar of your vouch website. You will also be able to select the category for a vouch when you are sending out the request.

Virtual business card

Virtual Business Card

The vouch site is designed to provide a business card look and feel which people are familiar with.

Use your vouch website as a virtual business card. You’ll never need to get reprints and it stays up to date.

To share open the app then go to the home tab and tap “Share” in the top left hand corner.

Deleting Vouches

Deleting Vouches

If you have a vouch you don’t like you can open the app and delete it.

Tap on the vouch you want to delete. Then tap anywhere on the screen and tap “Delete”

Face-to-face Opportunity

Face-to-face Opportunity

If you get a face-to-face opportunity to tell your client you are going to request a vouch, then do it.

Vouch users have reported that if the opportunity arises when they are leaving the job, it is a good time to inform the client that you will be requesting a vouch. When this takes place then the success rate is normally 100%.

Send requests as soon as possible

Send requests as soon as possible

Send a vouch request as soon as you have finished the job, this gets the best results. Ideally it’s right after you finish the job is when the client has the most amount of appreciation.

Even if they don’t vouch for you straight away they will still have a mental note to do it for you in the back of their minds. So when they get sent a reminder which vouch automatically sends on your behalf they will feel even more compelled to do it.

Over 80% of all vouch requests are successful. There is no other review system which comes anywhere close to that.


Profile Picture

Your customers see your profile picture when they are asked to Vouch. They don’t see the photo of the job that you took.

Make sure your profile picture has a nice head shot of you. Look through your photo library and see if you can find a head shot picture of you that reflects your work demeanour.

Crop the image when you select it so that it shows your face and shoulders.

Please don’t select an image which has other people in it or has you in the distance.


Kick start your website

Kick start your website

Once you get five or more vouches on your site it’s really going to start looking filled out. It also helps greatly with your search rankings.

You can kick start your website by requesting vouches from five or so long-term clients who know your work. If you’ve been in business for a year or so this should not be hard.

Other Vouch users have reportedly taken the same approach and their long-term clients have being more than happy to help them out.

Google Search Updates

Google Search Updates

Vouch is now going to keep you informed on how you’re performing in Google search. We will notify you when you start showing up for new search terms and also when you climb higher up the ranks for existing search terms.

If you want to move higher up in Google, for a  search term, then request more vouches with those words in the title and in the tags. It may take a bit of time to move up. But be patient, because organic traffic is free advertising for your business.

Sharing on Facebook

Facebook Sharing

Vouch is great for getting customer feedback. You can’t beat it,  just about every request gets you a review. Combine this great content with Facebooks huge reach and you have a winning formula.

My advise is to share all your vouches on Facebook. All the important stuff appears when you post. People can Like 👍, comment or tap through to find out more information. likes the home visits! So call Jane if you need a good value, local Vet.

Posted by Chris St on Thursday, 7 November 2019


How to Share:

Open the vouch app, then open the vouch you want to share. Tap anywhere on the vouch and select Share.

Get a free Domain


Open the Vouch app and select Setting -> Domain. Enter the domain name you want and tap “Save”. Within one minute your domain will be up and running. Get in quick so no other business takes your special name.