Why I built Vouch

Why I built Vouch

The reason I built vouch was a very personal one. I have so many family and friends all running their own businesses and I felt like there was lots of gratitude getting wasted. Work was getting done and the recipient was more than willing to heap praise on the business but there was no easy way of capturing this.

Vouch is a tool that is dedicated to helping small businesses turn their hard work into their most valuable marketing resource.

When you do a good job for someone it’s more than just about money. Recognition is such an important part of our makeup. Being recognised face-to-face is great and gives us all a good feeling. Capturing that recognition and making it easy for other people to find is what makes it valuable to a business.

Vouch was designed so that small businesses can do their everyday work and at the same time work on their businesses. Every vouch is a new webpage that future clients can find you on. If you collect a few vouches a week or even a month you’ll be building a web presence that has real value. And it’s not getting in the way of you doing your job.

For most small services businesses it’s hard to build tangible value. Vouch gives you a way of doing this. So once you’re ready to hang up the boots and move on, those multitude of vouches you collected will still be out there on the internet bringing work your way and that’s going to be very valuable to someone.